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On this home page, we'll introduce our business and highlight important areas on our site. Glad you could make it 'cause if you want to get the really big ones, then here is the answer.


The Bodacious Catfish Shocker is probably the best on the market

today. It’s small size and voltage requirements out-weigh anything

else you can get out there that you can find.

All it takes is a 12V car battery and about 100 feet of stranded and

insulated copper wire.(preferably light cord for a lamp) Cut off about 4 foot of insulation off of the wire & tie about 3 feet of dog chain to the

end of the stripped copper wire. (The chain will weave itself  around

sticks and rocks on the bottom of the river.) The temperature of the

water must be at least 70 degrees F. and it has to be used in running water.

In other words you must use it in a river.

I have been told that running it through a creek bottom in a lake

where the dam is open will work just as well but I never tried it like that.

Anyway, you hook up the other end of the long wire to the green

alligator clip. The red alligator clip hooks to the positive side of the

battery and the black alligator clip hooks to the negative side of the battery.

You also need to run a jumper wire (not supplied by me to the negative

side of the battery to the aluminum boat.

If you are not using an aluminum boat then you need to run a jumper

wire from the negative side of the battery to the water with about 4

foot of insulation stripped off wire in the water. That completes the

current between the dog chain and the ground.         

Cost for the kit is: 39.95+4.95 S&H.

Cost for the plans are 15.95 + 3.00 S%H.                                                                                



Here we are displaying a picture of this month's special: This is a high powered catfish shocker that we sell the plans for that is already assembled. We do NOT assemble these kits ourselves. But we do supply all the parts and information you need to assemble it yourself.

Happy Fishing!

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